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The Logo

Te Tohu represents the basis on which Te Kupenga Hauora o Tauranga Moana applies itself in its mahi.

Te Tohu is founded on the cornerstone principles of Tikanga. Te Tohu is the signature of excellence that drives an ongoing commitment to provide our priority groups with the environment, tools and support to enable their achieving rangatiratanga.

Te Tohu, while simple in format and design, depicts both the richness from the beginning of time to the hopes and aspirations that abound for our priority groups of today and tomorrow.

Te Kupenga is depicted in the shape of the kohanga, protecting and comforting the ever-growing foetus and these principles are seeded into all aspects of the day-to-day work of Te Kupenga Hauora ki Tauranga Moana.

The koru that is bound by the kete wananga symbolizes the cycle of life endures through regrowth and regeneration.

Mate atu, he tete kura,  ana mai ra he tete kura. Te Tohu represents a simple, balanced formula for human participation within both worlds.

 It provides the solutions to the search for a world that enables people to recognize the potential of rangatiratanga for everyone, particularly iwi,  hapu or whanau.

The objective of Te Tohu is to be a guiding beacon to help us to find our Rangatiratanga and reach the full potential of life. The tohu was designed by Hone Ngata Jr.