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The Board

Donna Motutere (Dux)

Chairperson. Board member since 2008

Donna's experience in the health field spans 20+ years as Manager of Pirirakau Hauora. She has also been a member of the Te Puna Maori Women's Welfare League (MWWL) for 20+ years serving extended terms as both branch Treasurer and President. At the same time Donna served 6+ years as Treasurer of the MWWL Tainui Regional Council and is now in her second year as the Regional President. She has served on the local Kohanga Committee and continues close involvement with a number of other committees in Pirirakau Rohe. Donna hails from Rangi Point on the Hokianga Harbour and is of Ngatokimatawhaorua descent. She and hubby Christopher have 4 adult children, an adult whangai and 5 awesome mokopuna.

Waiwhetu Walker - Board member since 2007

Waiwhetu has four tamariki. She has been involved with Kohanga Reo for many years as both a kaimahi and a parent. She worked at Whareroa Kohanga Reo for 9 years before moving on to a position as Kaimahi at Te Akau Kohanga Reo in Papamoa. She has been a Kohanga Reo rep on the board the past 8 years






Nanny Rose Walker - Kuia

Nanny Rose has been an active participant in Kohanga in Tauranga Moana since its beginnings and has been Kaiako at Poike Kohanga for a good number of those years. Nanny Rose has an excellent understanding of both Kohanga Reo kaupapa and Te Kupenga Hauora kaupapa and is a very valuable member and wise counsel on our Board. Her husband Tei Walker was Kaumatua for Te Kupenga Hauora for many years until his untimely death.

Wairata Wirangi

Although Wairata is the newest addition to our Board she is a well known supporter of Kohanga Reo Kaupapa and has used her knowledge where needed at Kohanga throughout Tauranga Moana. As a kuia she also lends wise counsel to our Te Kupenga Hauora Board.

Rangi Ward

Kohanga rep from Poike Kohanga Reo

Nga mihi  - past members

Past Board members have included Aroha Luttenberger (Board Chair for many years) Kuku Wawatai, Te Ringamau Tane, Marina Paealotu, Jodie Robertson and Riwa Keno. We thank them for their dedication and input over the years they were on the Board.