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Ear Health


Vision and Hearing Testing (VHT)

Glue ear checks have been carried out three times a year on mokopuna in Tauranga Moana Kohanga Reo for over 20 years now. For that same amount of time the Vision and Hearing Technicians and Specialist Nurse have been accompanied by our Tamariki Ora Health Promoter. For the past four years that promoter has been Paretapu Clarke.

If tamariki fail an ear test they are referred to the Mobile Ear Van where a more detailed check is carried out by an Ear Nurse Specialist using a high powered light and microscope. If there is a buildup of wax in the ear/s the nurse is able to remove this using equipment available in the mobile. If there are signs of ear infection, antibiotics need to be prescribed. So parent/s are advised to take the child to the family doctor - the earlier the better.  

At four years of age tamariki are given both a vision and a hearing test. If any problems are detected from those tests, referrals to appropriate specialists are made so that they can be rectified before formal schooling starts at aged 5. 

 In recent years ear health among Kohanga tamariki has been much improved. This has lead to a reduction in visits from the Ear Specialist Nurse and the mobile. However, Vision and Hearing Technicians will continue to visit three times per year as usual.

He mihi miharo ki nga Kohanga Reo kaimahi me nga whanau. Being proactive about encouraging tamariki to blow their noses, about Kai pai in Kohanga, planting Kohanga veggie gardens, and supporting only Inu wai Maori in Kohanga has contributed to better ear health in the Tauranga Moana Kohanga population as has early detection and treatment through regular ear checks from the Vision and Hearing Technicians.

Kia kaha tonu tatou. Whaia te hauoratanga

He aha tenei mea te Taringa Hoi? (Glue ear)

* Imagine your in a sealed room, someone's on the outside talking to you but it's hard to hear them. That's what it's like for someone with glue ear.

* Glue ear is usually painless, so you may not know they have an ear problem.

* Your tamaiti may appear not to hear at times, and then there hearing could be fine, that is the nature of glue ear

* Your tamaiti may complain of an annoying blocked feeling, and they can become irritable and grumpy.

* Your Tamaiti may speak loudly or yell a lot, and their speech development may be delayed.

* Tamariki may sit close to the T.V or turn it up loud.

* Frequent ear infections may be a sign there is already fluid trapped in the middle ear.

* Glue ear is treatable and preventable.

Te Taringa (The Ear)

E toru nga wahanga o te taringa

The ear is divided into 3 sections

*O Waho Taringa - The Outer Ear

*O Waenganui Taringa The Middle Ear cavity

*O Roto TaringaThe Inner Ear